From ABBA To Zoom: The Store

"I love my Mr. Friendly Pack.  I had wanted one of these since 1995 and then I found this one in my favorite colors, pink and black.  Thanks for sending him quickly.  xoxo" 

~ Heather M., Camarillo, CA

"Adorable! FANTASTIC seller! Fast shipping ~ SO professional!!!"

~ Julie C., Big Bear City, CA

"Hello - thank you much for the fast shipment of my item - it arrived safe and sound and was as described."

~ Andrea B., Torrance, CA

"You are a sweetheart and WONDERFUL seller..."

~ Becky C., Royal City, WA

Hi David!  First of all – wow! I’m really impressed with the speed of your service and research. Thank you so much for your comprehensive information. It really helps and now I have a benchmark to work from...  Your enthusiasm is contagious and I’m so grateful for your time. Thank you once again."

~ Wei-Wei G., Australia, on my appraisal for her ABBA and Wonder Woman dolls (below)

"Perfect transaction , exactly as described , shipped safely and quickly."

​~ Patricia C., Providence, RI 

"This is the cutest little Betty Boop ever! . Fast and safe shipping!  Thank you."

~ Cindy M., Jacksonville, FL, regarding her Betty Boop Nodder purchase ( below)

Two, four, six, eight - Who do we appreciate?
You, That's Who!  (With Cheers & high kicks too!)
​Thank you for shopping at From ABBA To Zoom - San Diego.  I believe customer satisfaction is key to success, plus I love what I do and believe wholeheartedly in my toy store and the toy, dolls, and pop culture items I'm selling. I invite you to shop and share your experience personally with me via e-mail at​ 

​Cheers to toys... and you,
David Mansour

Praise for david and From ABBA To Zoom: 


"Looking for vintage toys and memorabilia?  Check out my friend @FromABBAto Zoom's retro-riffic shop!"

~ Stan Williams, the Elegant Thrifter, New York City, NY




"My mom has been an avid Micky Mouse collector for years!  So I bought the little Micky and Minnie bobble head for her and took it to her last night.  She LOVED it and immediately sat down to rearrange one of her little display cabinets to make room for it.  So it went to a good home."
~ Lori K., Stillwell, KS

​"Hey friends! My good friend David Mansour has started his own online toy store! David has collected all types of vintage toys over the years and has written an amazing book: From Abba to Zoom about pop culture! Please check out his online toy store and if you or any of your friends are looking for something in particular, reach out to David. Congratulations David!!"
~ Lendy K., Leawood, KS

"My good friend David Mansour is turning his lifetime passion for collecting vintage toys and collectibles into an online store (named after his awesome book, From Abba to Zoom, A Pop Culture Encyclopedia).  He is adding lots of items daily. If you don't see something you want, chances are he has it or can find it for you!"

~ Sherri E., Kansas City, MO


"Okay, these "vintage" toys are from MY era but they really are great. If you want to take a walk down memory lane or buy some vintage toys, David James Mansour has done a great job with his website."

~ Janet W., McLean, VA


"Fabulous store ... fabulous seller ... fast shipping ... great rare items ... thanks."

~ Rae L., Washington, D.C. 


"She safely made it to KC and now has a permanent home in our collection! Xoxoxo"

~ Michele C., Kansas City, MO, on her Eggzorcist Living Dead Doll bobblehead purchase (below )







At From ABBA To Zoom: Vintage Toys, I'm happy when you're happy!   

​"David: I am absolutely thrilled with the ornament, which arrived in one piece*:) happy today, packaged beautifully! I want to thank you again for taking such great care of getting the ornament for me...I'm giving it to my daughter tomorrow!Happy Thanksgiving! I will definitely shop at abba to zoom this Christmas! Regards."

~ Annie A. , Billerica, MA

"Nemo, aka Prince of the Sea, arrived today! I am thrilled. He is great and I'm so happy that I was able to aquire him.Thanks so very much. He is exactly as described."

~ Walt H., Alameda, CA

"Beautiful item! Quick shipping! I'd shop here anytime AGAIN!! THANKS!"
~ Caroline S., Switzerland

"Hi David, I just wanted to drop you a very special thank you for your extraordinary service. I recently ordered a holiday jawa bobble head and just received it today. It was in perfect shape, as described. The card you included was very thoughtful along with your personal note. Customer service like yours should be the benchmark. Thank you, again, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!"
~ Scott W., Anchorage, AK

"David, THANK YOU so much for the Donny Osmond bobble head!!! I have been looking for this item for my Donny collection for a long time and absolutely love it. I still can't believe you delivered it personally - so appreciated!"
~ Sue H., Escondido, CA 

"Buy from this seller. Seller is honest & responsive. You won't be sorry!"

~ Beverly M. , San Angelo, TX 

"Hi David, I just wanted you to know that I received Fonzie today, and am very satisfied.  It was an excellent experience, from the time I purchased him, until he arrived today.  I am an avid collector of specific bobbleheads, and this has been my best experience yet.  Your communication throughout the process was impressive, and I will be sure to purchase from you again in the future.  Thanks again for everything, and take care of yourself!"
~ Chris D., Mesa, AZ

​"Thanks for having such wonderous things in your store!"

~ Mallory H., York, PA 

"​I got your package! The submarine is adorable! Thanks so much for the speedy delivery!"
~ Barb D., Glendora, CA, regarding her Beatles Yellow Submarine purchase (below)

"Excellente transaction. Très bonne communication. Merci."

~ Christophe F. , France

"Fun site. Lots of memories!"

~ Brandon B. , Clovis, CA

"You have the BEST toys!!!!"

​~ Arturo C. , Chicago, IL 

"Amazing experience!!! Wonderful seller and super fast shipping!!! Thank you :)"
~ Anna S., St. Petersburg, FL  

"Everything was perfect!!! Definitely a pleasure, 100% satisfied with my purchase!"
~ Kori M., Springfield, MA 

"Most excellent seller, even sent me a thank you card in the box!"
~ Chris T. , Canada

"I Mr. Pickle Pig!! He's a star! Thank you David Mansour and From Abba to Zoom!! You are awesome!!"

~ Janet D., Imperial Beach, CA , on her Richard Scarry's "it's a busy world" purchase (below)

"My Favorite purchase... Superb!"

~ Bo D., California


~ Robert R., Seattle, WA

"Looks amazing !! Still love the book:)"

~ Georgia F., Kansas City, MO

"What a superb collection. There seems to be something for everyone!"

​~ Catherine D., Palm Springs, CA 

"Dear David,
I get Flyboy today and I like him very much. Many thanx to you. Now Flyboy is standing with his friends "Plain-Shirt-Zombie", "Hare-Krishna-Zombie", Ash, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Pinhead, Captain Spaulding, Jigsaw... and all the other maniacs. I have been in 2010 in California but I missed to visit San Diego. I will change this mistake in the future because I want to see the Comic Con in San Diego. We have also Comic Cons in Germany but San Diego is the best.
Many regards from Bremen to San Diego." 
~ André, Germany, on his "Dawn of the Dead Zombie Flyboy" action figure (below)

"Thank you! Just bought her :) One happy lady!"

~Liz H., Capac, MI , on her Fashion Flatsy doll purchase (below)

"Friends.. this IS the place for a collectable.
‪#‎happyshopping‬ ‪#‎somethingforeveryone‬
‪#‎myfriendDavid‬ ‪#‎fromkansastocalifornialikeme"

~ Catherine D., Palm Springs, CA

"Looking for a vintage toy for a unique and sentimental Christmas gift, my friend David Mansour has an online toy store! Please feel free to like and share!"

​~ Tiena N., Topeka, KS 

"If any of you are looking for those cool Retro Gifts for friends, family, or even your grandkids for the holidays, please look at my friend's store From Abba To Zoom.  He's got it all and you are supporting a true collector and great person!" 

~ Janet D., Imperial Beach, CA

"Thank you so much David! I love the Sindy [doll]."

~ Evelyn M., Australia

"Hi David
Boris and Natasha arrived this morning! Thank you so so much!
They are FANTASTIC! I had no idea they were such beautiful looking figurines. Stunning!
I am so happy with my purchase! I am presenting them to my friend this Saturday!!
What a surprise. He will never guess what has arrived for him.
Don’t forget if you ever come down under we must catch up!!!!
Kind regards
~ Irinah J., Sydney, Australia (below)  



"All perfect. Amazing delivery to Montreal, Canada. A+"

​~ Robert A., Montreal, Canada

​"«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»"

~ Andy D., Reno, NV 


ADORABLE!  Love these [Kid Astronauts S&P Shaker Set].  I also have another set of a 50s rocket and spaceman and have wanted this style to go along with those.  Thanks so much for keeping me updated.  You've been great to work with.  Have a great weekend!

~ Peggy S., Ottawa, IL 

"I just wanted to thank you! I got the beads today and they're awesome!! My daughter had some of these hanging on her rearview mirror. We all hated them, but she loved them. Her car was stolen in August, and when we finally got it back, I was freaking out about the condition (it was totaled) and the meth pipes, and all she cared about was that her creepy troll beads were gone! Lol! So I've been looking high and low for some and I was so happy when I found your site!! Again, thank you so much! I'm giving them to her for Christmas, but I can tell you right now, you've made a weird girl very happy!! Take care!"

~ Jona M., Oklahoma (regarding the Troll Mardi Gras Beads below)